Michigan Robosub


Michigan Robotic Submarine is a student-led engineering team comprised of primarily undergraduate students with diverse backgrounds and interests, working together to design and build an autonomous robotic submarine for the annual RoboSub competition in San Diego, CA. We strive to advance Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) technology by engineering a submarine that can perform various sub-nautical tasks, like sonar navigation and torpedo target shooting.




Subs Built


The Robosub Competition

RoboSub is an international student competition for student teams to design and build robotic submarines, or "Autonomous Underwater Vehicles" (AUV), with behaviors that mimic real-world systems deployed around the world, such as underwater exploration, seafloor mapping, sonar localization, and much more.

Learn more at: robosub.org

Our Subteams

Michigan Robotic Submarine is comprised of a variety of subteams that each work in different areas. Subteams include members with diverse backgrounds and interests, pursuing a wide range of majors, both engineering and non-engineering.
The mechanical subteam designs, manufactures, and builds our submarine. Members are involved in the entirety of the research and development process for vehicle components, such as the chassis and propulsion system. Members also machine and fabricate the vehicle using various types of equipment.
  • Gain hands on fabrication experience
  • learn how to design using 3d cad modeling
  • be involved in the whole building process, from design to construction